I just finished reading a quick and dirty low down from Tweak3D.Net on the new Nvidia Geforce FX.... If you are looking for a nice, quick read on what sets this technology apart from the rest, I'd recommend you give it a quick once over...

"If this GPU follows the same path that the older Ti4600 did, seeing games running on 8X FSAA will be not only stunning, but totally smooth on higher end systems, say 1GHz and up."

More here: Tweak3D.Net Nvidia GeForce FX Preview

However, if Hexus.Net are to be believed, Nvidia's rivals are not going to take this lying down:

"A recent news post on Digitimes reveals that both ATI and SiS are planning to annouce new graphics cores based on the 0.13 Micron before the year end. Although the cards and annoucements are sure to slip into 2003, this spells trouble for NVIDIA."