I can't believe I missed this! Well, OK, it only happened on like Tuesday this week, or something, but still!

It appears that a leaked alpha of Microsoft's next gen Windows OS, code named Longhorn, started to appear on the darker corners of the Internet this week.

Some readers may recall a similar thing happening when Windows XP was in beta. And I think (although I am not sure) I recall a rather dodgy version of Windows 2000 (then called Windows NT 5.0) doing the rounds on newsgroups. But then I am not sure.

Anyway, eweek.com had this to say:

"News of a leaked Longhorn build cropped up late last month when screenshots posted to Windows enthusiast sites purported to showcase the next-generation operating system. But the select few with access to the code initially opted to keep it under wraps rather than risk incurring the wrath of Redmond."

I wonder how long that will last. I dare say that "Longhorn" is popping up all over Kazaa right now.

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