According to studies, a notebook computer is stolen roughly once every 53 seconds. It’s not surprising, thus, to see companies specializing in remote tracking technologies that will recover your lost or stolen notebook PC, but in many cases, the risk of losing data is much higher than the value of the notebook itself.

With this in mind, Dell will begin shipping variety of its business laptops with Seagate encrypting drives and McAfee security software so that your data is safe without you even having to know about it. The new Seagate Momentus FDE (full disk encryption) drives come in both 5400rpm and 7200rpm models, with capacities of up to a half terabyte, feature 128-bit AES encryption and are NSA certified.

These drives essentially do the same thing as software-based encryption solutions, but since they use an on-board cryptographic chip, results are faster and more secure. They will also include software from McAfee for the enterprise-wide management of laptops with Seagate security. In a bit of good news for enthusiasts, Seagate is releasing a standalone FDE unit in addition to the OEM version so that users can upgrade their drives themselves. Hitachi also reportedly plans to announce an FDE drive this week, along with a third drive maker.