The world of solid state drives is supposed to be getting a huge boon in the not too distant future, at least if you believe what Micron says. The company apparently has some hot hardware in the works, with new SSDs that promise to deliver a massive increase in performance. That would certainly be welcome news - while SSDs do have some performance advantages over mechanical disks, it certainly isn't something to write home about just yet. Micron, however, says their new technology can hit speeds as high as 1GB/s, with a sustained data throughput of 800MB/s, vastly exceeding what standard SATA drives do today.

Their new technology does not rely on SATA interfaces, bypassing the bandwidth limit of SATA II, which is 300MB/s. The drives they are touting instead have PCIe interfaces and include flash data management enhancements. If Micron makes good on their promise, SSDs could find themselves enjoying a huge performance advantage. Though, like all things that sound good on paper, we'll have to actually see it in action to believe it. There is a short demo video demonstrating the technology, though it's hard to take much from it.