Does Western Digital have a 2TB hard drive arriving soon? With 1.5TB drives from Seagate currently being the largest available, there's an incentive for other manufacturers to try and best them – what better way then to go the next step up with a 2TB beast, which current rumors claim is now being listed. The drive listed, a WD20EADS, is rumored to become available early next year, though none of that information has come from Western Digital itself. They made no announcement regarding a drive that size, and don't have listings for anything higher than 1TB currently.

A jump from 1TB to 2TB is a large one, which probably has a lot of technical hurdles that need to be overcome. We might see a three or even four-platter design to pull it off, but it's entirely possible Western Digital is planning to skip out altogether on 1.5TB models, in order to best Seagate. On the flip side of that, Seagate has already had their 1.5TB unit available for several months, and might be just waiting for their competition to make a move before they release a 2TB unit.