This January, many dedicated Apple fans, developers, industry executives and more will flock to Macworld, an Expo that Apple has been running for nearly 24 years. That long standing tradition of using Macworld to announce new Apple products and letting the world know where the company is going is apparently coming to an end. Apple has announced that this upcoming Macworld will be their last. On top of that shock, the word is that Steve Jobs will not deliver keynotes for 2009.

The reasoning? Primarily, it seems Apple feels they no longer reach the amount of people they formerly did with their trade shows. Their brick and mortar stores, websites and word of mouth have become a much quicker way to spread information, and as a result they have decided to axe the show.

The Expo has been running every year since 1985, even on Apple's deepest hours, and has served as a platform to announce major milestones in Apple history such as the introduction of the iMac, Intel-based Macs, the Safari browser, the iPhone, and many others.