Graphics card manufacturer, eVGA announced last Friday the release of three new GTX 260 "Core 216" products that will use a shrunk 55nm GPU as had been anticipated earlier this month. Although features will remain identical to previous GTX 260 boards, lower power consumption and improved overclocking should result from the more advanced fabrication process.

Other manufacturers are expected to follow with GTX 260 and GTX 280 products that use the updated GPUs as inventories for older models run out. Furthermore, a dual-GPU GeForce GTX 260 GX2 card is rumored to appear sometime next month.

It was also recently revealed some of Nvidia's plans for next year. A transition to 40nm seems imminent with a new high-end GT212 GPU expected to appear sometime in Q2/2009 and further mid-range and budget products based on similar technology throughout 2009.