ZDNET.COM have reported the spread of a new virus in the field, called Winevar, which apart from causing nasty data loss, is also insulting the stupid users who fall victim to it, proclaiming a condescending and disdainful message of "What a foolish thing you have done!"

"According to Kaspersky, the virus was discovered last week, but has only started to spread in earnest recently.

The virus spreads using e-mail by attaching itself to a message as a .pif or .ceo attachment. The message will appear to be from fictional organizations N'4 or the Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR)."

Full story at ZDNET here

Symantec.com have released a security response here.

As always, TechSpot recommends that you run a reliable virus detection software, and that you keep this regularly updated with the latest virus updates.

You might not have heard much about this virus now, but its spreading fast apparently, and to be forewarned is to be forearmed.