Intel is planning to release new processors for lower priced thin and light notebooks based on its Core architecture later this year. The new chips are said to be a tweak of the current ULV (ultra low voltage) Intel design and should fit into a segment pricier than the Atom, which powers netbooks, but below that of today’s ultra portable computer systems, which are typically priced at around $1500 - $3000 or even higher.

In this sense, the new chips will be comparable to the Athlon Neo processor from AMD, which was recently announced alongside a $699 ultra portable model from HP, the Pavilion dv2. Sadly, Intel doesn't seem to be quite ready to share many more details at this time, with the company only saying that the processor could be used in laptops that are less than one inch thick, and that the processor itself would measure just 22 x 22-millimeters.