The FTC has levied fines on another set of violators of the Do Not Call registry, the national database that restricts telemarketers from calling people. Several companies had charges brought against them for not referencing the list before they called, and as a result a total of $1.2 million has been issued out in fines. At the same time, the FTC took the opportunity to cite the success of the DNC registry, elaborating on numerous cases they have dealt with. All in all, over $17 million has been collected from offenders.

The Do Not Call list is taken very seriously, as we have seen in the past. The FTC has proved true to their word that they will fine violators of the list, ranging from trivial fees to tens of millions of dollars. Of course, that has no effect on criminals who might use the list for other purposes, operating outside of the law. Even if that is the case, I am glad to see that at least sometimes regulatory agencies will work for the people, as opposed to against them.