Circuit City went under this year after it failed to find a buyer or secure refinancing under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January. The ill-fated retailer has since been running sales to move the left over inventory it was unable to sell before going out of business and, according to firms behind the liquidation events, that will all come to an end a week earlier than scheduled on March 8.

Circuit City will be shutting down all its remaining stores on that day, marking the end of an era for a chain that began operating 60 years ago, with Best Buy prevailing as the strongest electronics retailer while Walmart picks up steam in this market as well. It might be worth your time to stop by any of the remaining stores this weekend to grab whatever is left on the near-empty shelves as prices must be seriously slashed right now. The chain's Canadian counterpart will likely continue to do business in the region if a recently proposed deal with Bell Canada gets approved by regulatory authorities.