The Aspire One will have another model added to its lineup shortly, with Acer planning the launch of an 11.6-inch wide unit. This model differs widely from other Aspire One units, from the much larger screen size to the hardware under the hood. It'll be the most "powerful" netbook Acer offers, using the same basic components as their newest 10.1-inch models. The netbook itself is based off the Atom Z530 and uses the Intel "Poulsbo" chipset with an integrated GMA500 graphics core.

The 11.6-inch screen nevertheless is going to be more power-demanding than before, which the low-TDP chipset helps to offset. All in all, Acer is estimating that with the (optional) high capacity battery, runtimes of 8 hours can be expected. As far as the screen size goes, it's a nice in between, larger than the older netbooks which many considered to be on the small side and not as bulky 13-inch and larger units. Acer has no plans to incorporate 3G into this system as a native option, which some netbook manufacturers have been considering (and even deploying) as a selling point.