Warner Home Video has announced a new program designed to encourage Blu-ray adoption and customer loyalty, by offering those who purchased their no-longer-supported HD DVDs an option for “upgrading” to the same titles on Blu-ray discs. Consumers simply select at the titles they want to upgrade at Red2Blu.com, mail in the original HD DVD cover art (not the actual disc) and receive the same titles in Blu-ray in a few weeks.

There are some caveats, though. For example, you’ll have to pay $4.95 per disc as well as $6.95 for ground shipping and handling – so they won’t be free but it’s still a far cheaper alternative to buying the same movies in stores. The program is limited to U.S. residents and each customer can only apply for 25 upgrades. If you were one of the unlucky early adopters who bet their cash on HD DVD, now’s your chance to switch to the winning side.