The Android platform has been making at least some waves lately, with T-Mobile achieving some decent sales figures for the G1 phone since launch. All in all, the past six months have delivered more than one million G1's sold, the product of hype surrounding the Android platform and T-Mobile's advertising. Their success was in question when the phone was initially launched, as it was put up against the iPhone 3G, the BlackBerry Storm and others. For a newcomer, it's doing well enough to the point that other manufacturers are considering or even preparing to offer their own Android handsets.

The platform it runs is also responsible, at least partly, for an increase in mobile web browsing. T-Mobile definitely has a chance to capitalize on this now, as the G1 is starting to prove to be an attractive option. Hopefully, other vendors will see what T-Mobile sees and begin offering Android-based phones in the near future.