Opera is no doubt pleased with the growth its browser has seen in the last year, at least in the mobile sector where Opera Mini is a common sight. The company claims that last month, their mobile browser was used by over 23 million people – well over double the amount of users from the same time last year and 12.1 percent more compared to a month earlier.

They cite other interesting figures too. The growth in data transfers in March 2009, for example, has gone up 319 percent year-over-year and almost 20 percent compared to February. Why is that important? It's indicative of how fast the mobile web is growing and how important it's going to become for any online content provider to start catering to mobiles. I wouldn't be surprised to see things like Netflix for mobile devices within the next few years. Opera's focus seems to be on growth, and their data suggests mobile users aren't expanding just in a few areas, but around the world, citing large growth in countries like Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela.