Following Microsoft's recent confirmation that Windows 7 will be released to the public sometime this year, some new information has come to light indicating that development on the new OS is expected to conclude in August. With no more release candidates planned, Windows 7 should therefore enter RTM phase roughly three months from now, at which point Microsoft will no doubt put their marketing campaign into full swing as they try to convince XP and Vista users to migrate.

Given these time frames and considering RTM generally finishes up within three months, it seems possible that Windows 7 hits store shelves as early as November. OEMs may even see a release sooner. While development may have seemed a tad rushed, the company claims that quality assurance was their priority with Windows 7. Many certainly hope that is the case, as Windows 7 promises to alleviate most of the complaints people had about Vista. Will Microsoft be able to convince its users that Windows 7 is worth the move this time around?