Western Digital has unveiled its latest offering in the massive storage market, the 2TB WD AV-GP (model WD20EVDS). The high-capacity drive is to deliver a solution for those seeking a near-silent storage solution which draws little power. The company says its 2TB drive consumes as much as 40% less power than those available through competitors.

According to senior vice president and general manager Jim Welsh, the drive is the result of an increasing demand for drives that consume less power while generating less heat and noise. He says that applications such as DVRs, media servers and centers as well as surveillance systems often demand constant operation.

The drive is said to run on the brink of human hearing and features many technological enhancements, including SilkStream, IntelliSeek, IntelliPower, IntelliPark and Preemptive Wear Leveling (PWL). The 2TB flavor of the AV-GP features 32MB cache, a maximum buffer to host of 3Gb/s, an internal transfer of 110MB/s and an average latency of 4.2ms. The WD20EVDS is now available with an MSRP of $299.99.