Showing off the latest advancements in LCD technology, LG has recently introduced 42" and 47" LCD panels that boast a thickness of a mere 5.9mm, making them the thinnest displays around using this technology. The displays are also lightweight, at around 14 and 16 pounds, respectively. LG didn't have to skimp on performance aspects apparently, as these thin panels are LED backlit, capable of 120Hz refresh rates and full HD resolution.

The displays have a "MPRT" refresh time of 8ms. While that doesn't directly translate to the same GTG refresh rate most people think of computer LCD displays in, it does mean that the display shouldn't have issues with ghosting or artifacts when watching fast-paced movies. In the demo pictures they place the display up against a coin, demonstrating how incredibly thin they are.

Although we have already seen OLED screens that are 3mm thick or even less, you will have a hard time finding anything close to this size and something that is nearing affordability. Thinner displays are just great all around, especially for anyone who wants to wall-mount a TV, just imagine one of these in your living room today.