Co-founders of Rockstar Games, the company behind hit series like Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club, have joined forces to create a new development studio, 4mm Games. The new venture intends to introduce titles on mobile platforms prior to expanding the works to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles. The strategy, they hope, will allow them to simultaneously test the waters and build a fan base. It is also an attempt to combat the increasing effect of digital piracy and online rental services - which they say have reduced revenue for other entertainment industries.

The startup is currently backed by investment group CEA Autumn Games, but no real details have been released. In addition to Rockstar veterans Jamie King and Gary Foreman serving as the company's president and chief technology officer, Nicholas Perrett and Paul Coyne are onboard. Previously, Perrett was an Image Metrics exec and will serve as the CEO of 4mm Games, while Coyne, a former Warner Music exec, will sit as the Executive Vice President. Currently, the company is working on two undisclosed titles, one of which is expected this year.