Update: It would appear that SP2 is available through Windows Update now, as well.

As we've previously reported, the service pack will be available via Microsoft's Windows Update mechanism in the coming weeks, but for those interested in downloading an official release prior to that; today's you're lucky day. Redmond has provided Vista and Server 2008 users with a downloadable standalone installer for both 32 and 64-bit versions.

If you haven't yet heard, the update brings native support for Blu-ray burning and Bluetooth 2.1, improvements to Windows Search and Wi-Fi configuration. In a typical fashion, it will include all of the updates and security fixes released since the previous service pack, and will require SP1 to be installed.

The company warns that if you have used "vLite" to customize your Vista installation, it may have deleted required system components which could prevent SP2 from installing. They have, however, provided a workaround.

Download: Vista/Server 2008 SP2 32-bit | Vista/Server 2008 SP2 64-bit