When Apple works as hard as they do to avoid releasing information about upcoming products, speculation is all what the media has to go on. Such has been the case with the next iteration of the iPhone, which is currently expected and all but confirmed to be a 32GB model, thanks to some recently leaked information from various sources.

T-Mobile Austria, Rogers in Canada and Vodafone Australia have all, in some fashion or another mentioned the existence of a 32GB iPhone. The most interesting note comes from Vodafone, which has marked the 16GB models as "end of life," suggesting it is about to be replaced by a newer 16GB iPhone or another model with double the capacity.

Now, we all know that increasing aspects like storage and performance are just par for the course as hardware matures, so why is Apple being so silent on what they have in store? Then again, it's not uncommon to see Apple relying on rumors for generating hype about upcoming products.