AdMob, the world's largest purveyor of ads on mobile apps and websites, conducted a survey to determine where smartphones sit in terms of overall Internet use. Citing a Gartner report which claimed smartphones represented 12% of total mobile sales last year, AdMob has revealed that those devices made up 35% of their traffic in April, almost triple their market share.

In addition to the information they intended to collect, it was discovered that Apple's handsets towered above the rest in terms of Internet use. Their devices consumed an astonishing 59% of the total US smartphone traffic and 43% of the mobile Web traffic globally. More specifically, of the 7.5 billion AdMob ads displayed on mobile devices in 160 countries, 2 billion were displayed on the iPhone and iPod Touch. In the US alone, the two devices collectively represent 34.8% of requested ads.

Apple's share of US ad requests grew 5.6% month over month and in April alone the iPhone's share grew 3%, while the iPod Touch's grew 2.6%. It is also interesting to note that the iPhone OS only has 8% of the global smartphone market share, and yet generates 43% of mobile Web requests and 65% of HTML usage.