Is Acer still planning on being crowned king of netbooks this year? They might be facing a small setback in achieving that goal, following news that sales of their larger 11.6” Aspire One netbooks aren't doing as well as they'd have hoped. In particular, the Aspire One AO751h netbook has had “unsatisfactory” sales, causing Acer to react by reducing the number of units they are ordering to Quanta Computer.

The reasoning cited is customer preference for 10” models. It seems a bit confusing, as many in the industry predict the larger units will ultimately win out – that was part of the justification behind Acer’s decision to drop the 8.9” model. Does this indicate a preference for a smaller 10-inch netbooks, or that people don't want to pay the higher price for a larger unit? Maybe bigger is better, but there may be a limit to how far that goes. We'll know for sure as prices for netbooks continue to drop, and find out if it is price or size that truly matter most. My bet is on price – what's your take?