Intel and other notebook manufacturers have found themselves in the clear this week, with a recent legal issue coming to an end. Psion, owner of the netbook trademark, sought to capitalize on the popularity of netbooks through lawsuits, earning them a bit of fame in recent history for suing anybody who used the netbook name including companies like Intel and Dell. Now, despite Psion's demands for injunctions and compensation, they have agreed to drop their case and not sue anyone over the term again. Further, they've agreed to stop sending their cease and desist orders to the various companies that are manufacturing netbooks.

This is the result of an out of court settlement between Psion and Intel, after some vicious legal battles between the two. Both Intel and Dell had gone on the offensive after Psion threatened them. While details are sparse, it does seem that no netbook manufacturer will be accepting liability – and hence Psion is admitting they didn't do anything wrong. Whether or not Psion is being compensated out of court isn't mentioned, but hopefully the issue can now be put to rest.