In a recent interview with CNet, Sony spokesman Al de Leon has hinted at the possibility of non-game software for the PSP. “It’ll mostly be games,” according to de Leon, “but there’s certainly an opportunity to develop non-gaming applications.” While he offered no official confirmation, his comments lend credence to earlier rumors that Sony was looking at emulating Apple’s success by creating an application store for the PSP Go.

According to the rumors, independent developers would have the option of creating games and utilities that don't have to go through the licensing required for retail but will have to limit these to 100MB and price them between $2 and $6 – free apps would also be available. If true, Sony could announce its plans at Germany's Gamescom in August and make apps available in time for the PSP Go's October launch.

Sony has already confirmed that “just about” every PSP game released in physical format after October 1 will also be available for download on the PlayStation Network, so coupling these with easy to develop apps and casual titles could help the PSP Go pick up some traction.