In an attempt to keep afloat, Motorola is letting go another 74 employees from its mobile phone division. The layoffs will begin at the end of the month and are expected to affect those located at the company’s Libertyville, Illinois offices. This follows Motorola’s move to dismiss 3,000 people in the division earlier this year – about 500 of which were based in Libertyville.

The company failed in its attempt to sell its mobile phone division, and has been struggling to keep a presence in the market. Its last majorly successful handset was the Razr, which was shoved out of the limelight at the advent of smartphones. Since the Razr-craze, companies like Apple, Palm and RIM have quite simply one-upped Motorola.

Although it bagged a much needed contract with China Mobile for $310 million in May, the market is awaiting Motorola’s next big thing. CEO of the division, Sanjay Jha, says the company will introduce multiple Android phones during the fourth quarter of this year. He also said they are still interested in spinning off the mobile phone division, depending on the economy.