Following the success enjoyed by Apple, other players in the mobile phone market are scrambling to catch up. LG is expecting to launch a digital content distribution service for handsets tomorrow. The company will be targeting Asia from the get-go, but they hope to expand beyond the region before the year is up.

LG intends on providing 1,400 apps (100 free) in 15 languages when the “LG Application Store” debuts in Asia-Pacific countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. The company expects to offer over 2,000 applications by the time availability is seen in Europe and South America. Plans to introduce their service to the US market are slim as it is the forefront of their competition’s (Apple, RIM) domain.

LG is the third largest handset maker, behind Nokia and Samsung. I can’t help but feel as though they’re a bit late to the show - but perhaps there’s still a seat to be had in Asia.