Dell has spiced up their Vostro line with a pretty sleek looking all-in-one. The system is ideal for a business atmosphere, and it’s a perfect fit for cubicles. Along with the typical kickstand, the Vostro all-in-one comes with a VESA mount which can be used as a display arm or wall mount.

Its specs are pretty modest, but are both sufficient and suitable to the target. At its best, Dell’s all-in-one ships with a 19” display, an Intel Core 2 Duo and GMA4500 HD, up to 2GB of RAM and 250GB HDD, wireless peripherals, a webcam, Ethernet with an optional 802.11 adapter. As a true workhorse, it also houses parallel and serial ports and Dell offers a Backup and Recovery Manager as well as video conferencing software.

The Vostro all-in-one has an entry price of $629, which seems fair enough if you compare it to the competition. It’s expected to debut in North America on August 11, and is already available in Japan and China.