Late to the party, Sony has suggested that some of its Vaio notebooks may be affected by the faulty Nvidia graphics chips which cost the GPU-maker $196 million in 2008 and an additional $119 million last quarter. The company acknowledged the issue and will follow in the footsteps of HP, Dell and Apple by offering extended support for products with the defective chips.

Although Sony and Nvidia opened a joint investigation last year, neither found evidence to suggest that Vaio systems were affected by the packing issue which plagued other PCs. Sony has now changed that stance, and has offered up a list of models which may have the flawed GPUs. They have decided to eat the repair costs for all affected models during the first four years following the purchase date.

Sony has named models in the FZ, AR, C, LM and LT lines as being affected. You can check out the official knowledge base article on Sony's website for a more detailed description and list of models.