It was only a couple of days ago that we were talking about leaked pricing for the new Zune HD. Today, Microsoft has gone ahead and not just confirmed the recent slew of rumors but also began accepting preorders for its next-gen media player at, Best Buy, Walmart and its own Microsoft Store. As previously reported, the 16GB Zune HD Black and 32GB Platinum model will be available for $220 and $290 respectively.

The device will be officially available on September 15, when ZuneOriginals will also begin offering both 16GB and 32GB units in five different colors and the option to customize them with one of 10 new engravings.

The Zune HD is Microsoft’s first portable media player to offer a touch screen, so naturally its biggest competitor will be the iPod touch, which is priced significantly higher at $299 and $399 compared to its similar-size counterparts. Apple will likely introduce new models soon though, and if its strategy with the iPhone is of any indication it might also slash iPod touch prices to comparable levels and leave the old 8GB model on shelves as a lower-end alternative.

Besides confirming pricing and availability details, Redmond also announced a slew of Zune HD-specific accessories for preorder at the Microsoft Store, including two docks and a premium car pack. Check out all the details in the official press release here.