With the economy and job market awry, some impacted consumers after a new TV have simply been shopping for smaller LCD screens - but many are buying plasma sets to get more screen for less money. In the realm of large screens, lower-resolution 720p plasma HDTVs are substantially cheaper than similar-sized 1080p LCD TVs.

Plasma sales have soared by 42% in the second quarter of this year compared to the first, according to a report from Quixel Research. Tamaryn Pratt, a member of Quixel, said the spike was a result of consumers trying to save money.

Despite settling for 720p, consumers are reporting that there is little difference in picture sharpness compared to a 1080p model. This isn't a surprise, because few to no TV signals are broadcast in 1080p, and the difference would only be noticeable when watching Blu-ray discs.

I know many of you are on the market for new HDTVs, would you consider purchasing a plasma set to save a few bucks? Why or why not?