It’s been months since Lenovo first announced what was supposed to be the first Nvidia Ion powered netbook. Although a version of the IdeaPad S12 with Intel-based graphics was indeed released shortly thereafter to favorable reviews, its 1080p capable sibling still shines by its absence. Now the system is being pushed back until the end of October to coincide with the debut of Windows 7.

A specific reason for the delay was not revealed, but Lenovo did say that the experience of Windows 7 on the Ion-based S12 would make it more compelling than the Vista version it was originally planning to sell. Meanwhile, Samsung will reportedly follow suit and delay the release of their Nvidia Ion N510 netbook until they can ship it with Windows 7. While most Vista notebooks sold between now and October 22 are eligible for a free upgrade, apparently their thinking is that not everyone is comfortable with the process.

Samsung is rumored to have several versions of its upcoming Ion powered laptops in the works, so it’s also worth noting the possibility of them releasing an XP version with DirectX 9 support in September (using the cheaper LE variant of Ion), and a version with full DX10 support after Windows 7 is released in October.