Lian-Li has launched a new mid-tower case, the PC-B25F. Based on the original PC-B25 "Blue Ring," the new model preserves much of what made that case a success - although, there are some refinements. With a brushed, all aluminum chassis, the PC-B25F features a tool-less design, which includes eight sturdy aluminum and rubber-padded expansion slot brackets, a unique PSU mounting system, an HDD bracket with rubberized grommet struts, as well as easily removable top and front panels.

Lian-Li's PC-B25F ships with two 120mm 1200RPM fans mounted in the front, two 140mm 1000RPM fans positioned up top, and a single 120mm 1500RPM fan secured at the rear. It has plenty of space for your drives with three 5.25" drive bays (with an optional 3.5" external bay), and six internal 3.5" bays. The case's multimedia ports consist of one eSATA, two USB 2.0 and HD+AC97 audio ports.

The PC-B25F's dimensions in millimeters are 210W x 495H x 490D. It is expected to hit shelves around mid-September and can be perched on your desk for $190.