It's no secret that most large companies -- at one point or another -- engage in some shady tactics. Dell is no different, after being accused of deceptive business practices. The New York Attorney General's office filed suit against the company in 2007 for luring customers with low interest rates on new computers, and then sideswiping them with a higher figure.

Dell denied the ol' bait and switch; but the verdict is in, and the computer maker must come out of pocket with $4 million in penalties and damages. According to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, this ruling is the final step in ensuring that New Yorkers at the butt of Dell's shenanigans are compensated. Cuomo said that the company must now fully disclose the terms and conditions of their products and services to avoid similar situations in the future.

A Dell spokesperson said the company was glad see the matter resolved. Those affected can apply for a refund via this dedicated site.