Buffalo is gearing up to ship its USB 3.0 external hard drives in late October, which should hit store shelves weeks ahead of Freecom's USB 3.0 drives. This will technically make Buffalo first to market with an external HDD that uses the latest USB spec.

Buffalo's HD-HU3 USB 3.0 drive will be available in a variety of capacities, including 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB flavors. Obviously, it would be pointless for you to have a USB 3.0 device sitting on your desk without a supporting controller in your computer, so Buffalo is also planning to offer NEC's IFC-PCIE2U3 2-port PCIe x1 host controller for about $60.

The company's 1TB and 1.5TB models will be made available this month for around $225 and $284, while the 2TB unit will arrive later this year for about $523.