As mentioned earlier on, this year TechSpot took part on a collaborative effort to bring a comprehensive holiday gift guide for techies covering computer products, HDTV and home theater equipment, smartphones, gaming, cameras and personal tech. covers nearly a 100 product recommendations for these holidays. Here are three more suggestions from the TechSpot staff, click on the headlines for the full write-ups.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower ATX case
Who’s it for: DIY PC builders looking for a solid, big, aggressive case to go with their killer hardware.
Why: Coming from the bland beige box, we’ve seen a numerous trends come and go in the world of PC cases. For dedicated PC builders and gamers, today it’s more about functionality than ever before. Those not needing portability are favoring full-tower ATX cases, so they can comfortably fit all their extreme hardware. With flagship graphics cards now measuring over 9 inches long, typical mid-size cases are no longer sufficient. [...]

OCZ Agility Solid State Drive
Who’s it for: PC enthusiasts who want impressive response time and speed from their system at the best possible value.
Why: Solid state drives are an almost rare example of marketing-hype being matched by real world performance. These flash memory-based devices are among the best upgrades any system can get nowadays, most notably because of the massive access speed boost they offer, but also due to the improved reliability that comes with the lack of moving parts, as well as their noiseless and energy efficient operation. [...]

Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD
Who’s it for: Media, sports, and TV buffs – the kind of users that can’t live without their DVR.
Why: The Slingbox concept was developed by two sports fans in 2002 when they were away from home and missed some key MLB baseball games. Three years later, the Slingbox became a reality. And while initially the Slingbox was meant to appeal to heavy travelers, as time has passed people have found more uses for the device. Sling Media has also kept refining both the hardware and software sides of the product. [...]

Previously covered recommendations also by TS:
ATI Radeon HD 5750, Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, Intel Core i5 750.