Taking a break from the multitude of 3D-related announcements LG is drawing our attention towards another big selling point for today's HDTVs. The company has unveiled a 42-inch 1080p panel that's just 2.6mm (or 0.1 inch) thick, surpassing the world's thinnest record set by Samsung Electronics at 3.9 millimeters, and significantly improving upon their previous 5.9mm thick model.

The company accomplished this through the use of an edge-lit LED backlight, a new optical film and a few other techniques it plans to discuss further next month at CES. The prototype panel offers a 120Hz refresh rate and weights under 8.8 pounds, making it ideal for wall-mounted TVs. That is of course once they start hitting the production lines, which could be a while considering the 5.9mm-thin panels LG showed off earlier this year still haven't.