Anonymous tipsters have informed Engadget that Sony's revamped VAIO Z will house four solid-state drives -- though there is some ambiguity. According to the material presented to Engadget, there will be "SSD RAID0:64GB/128GB x 4".

At first glance, that suggests there may be four 64GB or 128GB drives for a total storage of 256GB or 512GB. However, Engadget notes it could be interpreted as four flash drives totaling 64GB or 128GB or perhaps something similar to PhotoFast's GMonster Quad SSD, which can contain four CF memory cards.

We will have to wait until Sony comes forward with details on the supposed quad-SSD configuration, but sources also indicate that the forthcoming VAIO Z unit(s) will be the first in the series to feature a backlit keyboard, and that's less far-fetched.