If the slew of 3D-related announcements of late and multitude of products shown at CES in Las Vegas are of any indication, 3D is set to become the next big thing (or flop) in the consumer electronics world. Sony of course is one of several companies making a big push into the market, with 3D HDTVs, 3D-capable Blu-ray players, and promises to bring 3D stereoscopic gaming to its PlayStation 3 console.

In a recent interview, SCEA's Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller gave a few more concrete details about the latter. Unsurprisingly, the capability is being timed to the release of new 3D Sony Bravia televisions in summer of 2010. A first firmware update will take care of the gaming part, while a separate update should enable 3D Blu-ray movie viewing on the console.

Every PS3 from the first generation to the new slim models will be able to take advantage of these features. You can read the short interview at Pocket-lint, where Koller promises to reveal an actual list of games expected to support 3D later on and touches on other topics like storage and the PlayStation Network.