Google's so called "super phone" has flopped compared to sales of competing devices, according to data from market researcher Flurry. The outfit estimates that in the first 74 days of availability, Google has shipped around 135,000 Nexus One smartphones – a fraction of the 1.05 million Droids and 1 million first-gen iPhones sold in the same duration. For further comparison, analysts speculate that the heavily ridiculed iPad has sold well over 150,000 units in the first few days.

Despite its weak performance, Flurry notes that the Nexus One is still the most advanced Android handset to date. It's worth noting that these device comparisons are mostly apples to oranges. For instance, the Droid sold for only $200 during the holidays and was backed by heavy marketing, while the iPhone was popularized for offering a new style when it launched for $600 in 2007.