Apple says new iPad orders won't ship till April 12th With the iPad standing as arguably the most anticipated gadget of 2010, Apple appears to have sold through its initial supply of device and is no longer promising April 3rd delivery for new orders placed from this point on. Separately, the company has finally given the iPad Camera Connection Kit a ship date. AppleInsider

Best Buy playbook for iPad leaked, quantities to be extremely limited Planning to skip the Apple Store crowds and sneak over to one of the 670+ Best Buy stores that will be selling the iPad on launch day? Better get there early, as each store will be limited to 15 iPads in stock, and those WiFi-only iPads will be evenly distributed among the three price points. TUAW

Moving beyond silicon to break the MegaHertz barrier We're rapidly closing in on a decade since the first desktop processors cleared the 3GHz mark, but in a stunning break from earlier progress, the clock speed of the top processors has stayed roughly in the same neighborhood since. Meanwhile, the feature shrinks that have at least added additional processing cores to the hardware are edging up to the limits of photolithography technology. Ars Technica

Google denies revenue sharing for Android mobile apps Google denied a report that it is sharing advertising revenues derived from mobile applications on Android smartphones with carrier and handset partners. The search engine maintains the only revenue sharing it engages in is from paying carriers a cut of its search-related advertising sales. eWeek

Google may subpoena CNET reporter in copyright case leak probe An attorney for Google and YouTube indicated today that the Web giants may call a prominent tech reporter to the witness stand in an effort to reveal who leaked the journalist confidential documents from the ongoing Viacom and Premier League copyright cases. Copyrights & Campaigns