Despite a tepid release and its fair share of criticism in 2007, the Kindle has managed to establish a successful eBook business for Amazon. According to this scoop by Engadget, Amazon may now be poised to also offer its eReader at brick and mortar Target locations. The rumored release date is next April 25th.

The news come at an interesting time, right on the heels of the recent iPad launch. While the Kindle and iPad are clearly two different kind of devices, Apple will be pushing iBooks which will directly compete with the Kindle's business model. For this reason and the obvious form factor similitude, it is difficult not to draw comparisons between the two.

Could Amazon be making the right move by offering the Kindle in physical retail channels? For the handful of Kindle users that I imagine will potentially read this, would you abandon your dedicated eReader in favor of the iPad or is there room for both?