The iPad 3G had a successful launch this weekend, hitting the 300,000 mark by some estimates and even 500,000 by others. This is in addition to estimated sales of existing, Wi-Fi only iPads which top one million. These figures also include pre-orders.

Despite the enviable numbers, iPad 3G sales were hampered by a postponed international launch and lack of availability in the U.S. With that in mind, one may be able to conclude that Apple's production problems were due at least in part to the reported LCD screen shortage. Even with this disadvantage, the iPad 3G has managed to round up some impressive figures with just as many units sold in its first weekend as the original iPad launch.

3G-enabled models come with a non-contractual data plan through AT&T which costs about $30 per month. The iPads themselves cost about $130 more than their Wi-Fi only siblings, but sport the same hardware plus 3G capability. Prices are $629 for the 16GB, $729 for the 32GB and $829 for the 64GB, respectively.