A 24-year-old man is the envy of gamers everywhere today after winning a million bucks for pitching a flawless game in Major League Baseball 2K10. Announced in January by 2K Games, the contest stated that the first person to toss a perfect game in MLB 2K10 for the Xbox 360 or PS3 would win a smooth $1,000,000.

The contest opened on March 2 at 12:01AM PST, and in less than 24 hours, Wade McGilberry of Alabama pulled it off, disproving the motherly adage of video games being "just a waste of time." Although he technically won months ago, McGilberry had to wait for the contest to close on May 2 before receiving his prize.

In case you're wondering, 2K did take measures against possible cheaters. Participants had to submit a video of themselves accomplishing the feat, and 2K representatives actually visited McGilberry's home to ensure his Xbox 360 wasn't rigged. Also, for you curious folk, he pitched the perfect game with Kenshin Kawakami of the Braves while playing against the Mets.