Sony has announced its yearly earnings, posting a $439 million net loss for fiscal 2009, which ended March 31. A decline in both hardware and software sales for the PSP and PS2 contributed to that figure, with former selling 4.5 million less hardware units and 5.9 million less software units, while the latter dropped by 600,000 and 47.8 million units – an inevitability as the antiquated console fades in popularity.

As lousy as all of that sounds, it's an improvement over last year, when the electronics maker reported an annual loss of $1 billion amidst the global recession. Despite lackluster sales elsewhere, the PS3 recently achieved profitability and sales soared to 13 million, up from 10.1 million the year prior.

Sony expects that success to carry through to the 2010 fiscal year, predicting PS3 hardware shipments to total 15 million units. The company also foresees a 404% jump on-year in operating profits with a 5% increase in sales – which may not be too ambitious if this 3D thing pans out as expected.