The pros and cons of mechanical and solid-state drives have been thoroughly discussed. Disk drives offer unmatched storage capacities at bargain basement prices, while flash memory is quicker, quieter and less power hungry, but inherently more expensive. Seagate might harness the best of both worlds with a new product teased today.

Billed as a "game-changing device," Seagate's undisclosed storage product is believed to be the Momentus XT, which is currently up for preorder on ProVantage for $133.84. Seagate claims its new unit boosts system performance by up to 150% and can "learn about its user to dynamically decrease disk time, boot time, and application load time."

Based on ProVantage's product page, the 2.5-incher carries 500GB of mechanical storage along with 4GB of SLC NAND memory, and rumors suggest it will ship with Asus' ROG G73Jh gaming laptop. More information will be available soon enough, with the big unveiling slated for Wednesday, May 26 at 11AM PST.