Despite unfavorable economic conditions, IDC reports that the global PC market grew 22.4% during the second quarter of 2010, meeting analysts' prospects. The market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa remained "remarkably strong," while the US and Asia fell slightly behind predictions.

IDC believes a number of things are driving growth, including the replacement of aging machines, the introduction of new low-cost media PCs, and the simple fact that much of the world doesn't own a computer yet.

HP maintained its position as the top system builder, shipping 14 million units and sitting on 18.1% of the market. Dell finished the quarter at 13%, only 0.4% ahead of Acer, selling 10 million of the world's PCs. Lenovo took fourth place with 10.2%, while Toshiba and Asus both represented 5.3% of the market.

US-only stats are quite similar. HP holds a more dominate 25.7% cut, Dell trails with 24%, Acer is at 11%, Apple takes 8.8%, and Toshiba is placed last among the top five vendors with 8.5%. Going forward, the outfit expects consumer spending to slow during the remainder of the year, while activity in the business segment should remain stable.