Those still itching for an Apple netbook can re-kindle their excitement. According to DigiTimes, the next MacBook Air will drop the 13-inch form factor and instead use an 11.6-inch display. The new design will also be thinner and lighter than the current laptop, although exact size and weight is not known.

The thought of Apple developing a sub 13-inch notebook does seem odd considering the many negative comments Steve Jobs made towards netbooks during the iPad's launch. On the other hand, the current Air is slower and more expensive than the MacBook Pro. Moving to a smaller size would help differentiate it.

Pricing of the new 11.6-inch Air is not known, but the rumor states that Cupertino does not expect to shift more than 400,000 units by the end of the year. Although the timing of the product's launch will partially determine the number sold, 400k units is tiny compared to iPad or iPhone. The low sales expectation suggests that the new laptop is not likely to cost significantly less than the current model.