EVGA has released an update that should squeeze a little extra juice out of what is already one of today's best mainstream graphics card. The FPB (Free Performance Boost) BIOS update applies to a couple of the company's GTX 460 models and pushes the core and shader clock frequencies from 675/1350MHz to 720/1440MHz – a 7% increase. Additionally, it unlocks the fan speed so it can be set to 100% via the EVGA Precision overclocking utility.

Only 768-P3-1360-XX and 01G-P3-1371-XX parts are eligible for the speed gain, while the fan tweak applies to those as well as 768-P3-1362-XX and 01G-P3-1373 cards. The latter two ship factory overclocked at 763/1526MHz if you're wondering why they didn't get a boost. To update: download the proper file below, extract the contents, close open programs, run update.exe, tap Y to begin, reboot once complete, and reinstall your GPU drivers.