MSI is supposedly preparing to unleash three new Nvidia graphics cards designed for performance junkies. Word of the GTX 460 Hawk first surfaced a couple weeks ago and the custom board is expected to ship with the Twin Frozr II cooler, making it a breeze to overclock. Early reports say it will ship this month with 1GB of VRAM and a standard 675MHz clock speed, but that can easily be pushed to 800MHz and even up to 1GHz with some voltage tweaks.

The other two products are both variations of the GTX 480. One is being called Lightning but few details are available about it except that it will also be an exceptional overclocker. The second should arrive as the GTX 480 HydroGen and it'll carry an 830g copper water block, primed to shatter benchmarks and power supplies. You'd expect the HydroGen to come overclocked, but it seems to use the reference specs. It's rumored to be around $695.